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Enjoy Some Player L-O-V-E from Words With Friends



This Valentine’s Day, we are taking the time to send a L-O-V-E letter (or two) to our loyal Words With Friends players for participating in our fourth annual Valentine’s Day Survey. This year, nearly 70,000 Words With Friends players gave us a sneak peek into all the ways they express their love on the game board and in the real-world.

Almost 1,000 people have found their perfect match through Words With Friends – and gotten married! While not all tiles led to marriage, tens of thousands of players have developed lasting connections (1 in 4 have even taken their relationship beyond the game), re-kindled old flames, stayed close with their loved ones and kept the spark alive, all through Words With Friends.

We also learned a ton about our players’ dating preferences – what turns them on, turns them off, and even a few secrets about where and when they can be found playing Words With Friends, including:

  • That’s my word don’t wear it out: When it comes to dating faux pas, overuse of a single word or phrase ranks #1 (among both men and women) as the worst of the wordy habits. So if you, like, find yourself saying “like” too much, you might want to ditch it on the date.
  • Poor grammar kills the mood for 1 in 4 men and nearly one third of women.
  • Bye bye Bae: Nearly half of all players surveyed (43%) want to see this popular pet name retired.  “Boo” was close behind, with nearly 1 in 3 players wanting to remove it from the romantic lexicon.
  • You’re shaggadelic baby! “Shagging” took the top spot for the sexy international word that players would love to see added to our everyday vernacular. However, it might be time to expand our global vocabularies – one third of Words With Friends players aren’t familiar with British terms “snogging”, “sharking” and “randy”.
  • Date night…is also game time: 40% of millennial Words With Friends players have played the game while out on a date.
  • Forget pillow talk: 90% of Words With Friends players contemplate their next move in bed.

Our hearts were warmed by the tales of love and connection we received from players near and far, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to remind you how very special you are to us. Thank you for your dedication, passion and, most importantly, your impeccable word play.

X’s and O’s!

*Methodology: Data was collected via an in-game poll from 69,279 Words With Friends players from January 26 through January 30, 2015.

See The World With Words On Tour!



Zynga is giving fans of Words With Friends a whole new reason to renew their passports with the worldwide launch of Words On Tour! From the team who brought Words With Friends to hundreds of millions of players around the globe, Words On Tour features word-based puzzles and progression-style gameplay set in a dynamic journey through some of the most exciting cities in the world.

Words On Tour challenges word-making enthusiasts to solve hundreds of word puzzles by strategically creating words, using bonus tiles and dodging hazards. Traveling through exciting global locales, including Tokyo, Cairo and London, players are rewarded for overcoming real-world travel woes, such as bad weather and roadblock hazards, on the way to their next destination. And, because there’s nothing more important than a good travel buddy, with Words On Tour players can travel the globe with their friends without ever leaving home by tracking friends’ travel progress and providing lives to keep the journey going.

Words On Tour is available to download for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Google Play, which will offer Android players the benefits of Google + Sign-in. Words On Tour is also beginning its roll out today on Facebook, allowing players to enjoy a connected experience between mobile and web versions.

Bon Voyage!


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NFL Showdown Continues to Add New Features Players Want Most


As promised, today we are proud to share an update on new features available in NFL Showdown, our first game under the Zynga Sports 365 brand. When we secured our partnership with the NFL and NFL Players Inc., we were excited to release NFL Showdown in time for the NFL season. From the onset, it was important to us to deliver you, our players, a unique, football game in time for the NFL season so you had more ways to engage with your favorite NFL teams and athletes, while also providing us with invaluable feedback about the experience you want. Since launch, we have been listening closely to all of your feedback and have developed a robust lineup of new features most requested by our core fans and community.

Today, we’re taking another step toward delivering fans the ultimate mobile football game by adding a number of new features designed to give players more ways to control, connect and compete in NFL Showdown.  These new features are just the beginning of a series of additions we plan to make to NFL Showdown in the coming months – all designed to deliver the most authentic NFL management game available. Here’s what you can now
look forward to in NFL Showdown:

  • Real-Time, In-Game Management: The #1 feature most requested by players is the ability to take more control as the head coach of their favorite NFL team. The In-game management feature now allows players to make real-time coaching decisions as games unfold. Choose wisely, because decisions on game strategy, substitutions and play style will all have an impact on the outcome of each game.
  • Scout the Competition: Now NFL Showdown is making it easier for players to size up the competition, by allowing them to watch League competitors play through the Scouting feature. Watch other teams’ games to boost your team rating and gain an advantage in upcoming head-to-head matchups. The more games you scout, the bigger the boost.  And don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the playoffs or Super Bowl, you can scout those games regardless if you’re in them.
  • Replay Past Games: Missed your last Showdown? No problem. Players will now be able to bask in the thrill of victory or learn from their defeat by replaying the most recent game you missed.

In addition to the features, today we are excited to announce that NFL Showdown is available for a range of Windows 8.1 powered devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  By partnering with Microsoft, the official tablet of the National Football League, we are bringing the most authentic NFL management game to more players on more platforms.

We’re continuing to update the game based on your feedback, so please keep it coming. Reach out to us on the NFL Showdown forum to give us your input on the game. Thank you to all our players for your continued support and feedback, and stay tuned for more features coming soon.

Download and play NFL Showdown today:

See you on the field!

Mike Taramykin

Vice President of Games, Zynga Sports 365

NFL Showdown In Game Management Feature Screenshot

NFL Showdown Coach Decision Screenshot