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Calling All Worldly Wordies! Words With Friends Now Available in 7 Global Languages



Hola, Ola, Ciao Words With Friends fans!

At any given moment, there are an estimated 55 million Words With Friends matches being played around the world, connecting fans of word play across cities, countries and continents. Starting today, Words With Friends is going global by allowing players to experience their favorite word discovery game in multiple languages including:

  • English & British English – Words With Friends
  • Spanish – Palabras con amigos
  • French – Mots entre Amis
  • German – Wortspaß mit Freunden
  • Italian – Parole tra amici
  • Brazilian Portuguese – Palavras com Amigos

Launched in 2009, Words With Friends redefined the word category on mobile. Last year, we introduced a completely refreshed game fully loaded with dynamic features for a sleeker, smarter and more social experience. Through Words With Friends language localization, not only can players now choose what language to play in wherever and whenever they want, they can seamlessly carry over their current game, stats, opponents and full game history.

Words With Friends additional language offerings provide players with an immersive experience including sharpening word skills with Solo Play and Stats to track and compare high scores, number of games completed and average word score with their friends and recent opponents.

More than sixty-percent of our players use Words With Friends to stay connected with their friends and family. In addition, millions of players have made special connections through the game either by strengthening an existing relationship or fostering a new one. Some players have even found their perfect match beyond the game as friendly competition expanded into a real-world relationship.

“Little did I know when I started a game of Words With Friends a year ago that it would be with my future wife,” says Sofia Vanessa Hernandez, a self-proclaimed word geek from Seattle, who met Caroline Sargeant, a UK-based HR recruiter, on a dating website in 2014 and proposed a friendly game of Words With Friends. Since then, the pair has made Words With Friends their favorite couples activity, playing multiple matches a day to stay connected while living overseas from one another. “From the very beginning, Words With Friends was the impetus for our relationship and now we are planning to get married. I’m so grateful to Words With Friends for providing us with a platform to not only connect, but to fall in love.”

In conjunction with the launch of Words With Friends additional languages, we are also thrilled to introduce an exciting new gameplay mode – Fast Play. Fast Play gives Words With Friends players a quicker way to victory through starting and winning matches in record time. Fast Play features a smaller game board, fewer tiles and a 24-hour time limit to make your move. Currently available for Words With Friends English players, Fast Play will be rolling out for additional languages in the coming months.

Whether brushing up on a native language, refining wordy skills when trying to learn a new language or staying close with their friends and family across the globe, Words With Friends now connects more people around the world than ever before. Words With Friends additional languages are available to play for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Google Play.

Grab your tiles and let’s P-L-A-Y!





Always Be Climbing With Zynga’s Latest Game, Mountain Goat Mountain


MGM Logo

Channel your inner mountain goat and climb your way to the top in Zynga’s new mobile game, Mountain Goat Mountain. The game is available worldwide today as a free download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and on Google Play.

Developed by a small team in Zynga’s San Francisco office, Mountain Goat Mountain is a fast-paced, infinite procedural arcade game that centers on our fearless hero – the nimble and determined Goat. The Goat’s goal is to traverse a treacherous mountain – dodging boulders, waterfalls, logs and crumbling rocks – in an attempt to keep climbing and moving up the mountain.

As you ascend the mountain you collect coins, which can be used to access some of the more than 20 different Goats and numerous mountain environments in the game, including Stealth Goat, where you scale the mountain with night-vision; Unicorn Goat, complete with rainbows and diamond boulders; DubStep Goat, who drops the bass with every jump; and Rain Goat, who slips and slides across rocks to make it to the top.

You can start climbing today and see if you have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of Mountain Goat Mountain.


MGM DubStep

MGM Cowboy


Under the Hood: A First Look at CSR2 from NaturalMotion


In 2012 NaturalMotion introduced CSR Racing, and with it, never-before-seen levels of visual fidelity and vehicle authenticity to the Racing genre on mobile. Now, three years and more than 130 million downloads later, we are proud to share with you today a first look at our brand new title in the CSR Racing franchise: CSR2. CSR Racing was born from our love of cars. Bringing our love of cars to the mobile screen was the team’s overarching goal during the development of the original CSR Racing and one that remains as we take the franchise to the next level with CSR2.

Developed out of our London East studio, the CSR2 team is comprised of highly talented individuals who have worked across some of the most well-known and respected racing game franchises including Forza, Need for Speed, DiRT and Burnout. Their passion for cars is as strong as their desire to create the most beautiful and most authentic racing game possible.

Authenticity in CSR2 comes down to fulfilling a simple dream. Many fantasize about owning a $2 million hyper car, but only a few will realize that in their lifetime. CSR2 lets players experience the thrill of attaining not just one, but a whole garage of the most desirable cars on the planet, and it feels as close as possible to the real thing. That’s because each car, down the stitching on the seats, is built without compromise to its real-world beauty, integrity and authenticity. Adding to the feeling that these cars are truly yours is the ability to configure each one just as if you were making those choices in a real-world showroom.

We’ve worked closely with our vehicle manufacturer partners – Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani and more – not just on the exterior of the cars, but the interior as well. Each car has been meticulously created from manufacturer CAD data to give players the most authentic customization experience. Not only can you choose the official paint options for the body and brake calipers but even the real-world manufacturer and model trim options to truly make each car your own. Once specced, your new car doesn’t just appear in your garage, but is delivered to you, further enhancing the excitement of collecting the most incredible cars in the world.

To make this dream a reality, the team has built upon some of the world’s most advanced shading and lighting techniques to mimic how light reflects from cars in real life. For example, physically based shading is used to simulate the interactions that cars in your garage have with light sources to capture reality in the most stunning way possible. But while visuals and fidelity are important, we never make any technological advancement for technology sake alone. It is always a means to create a believable and immersive experience for the player.

And curating your collection of cars is only part of the CSR2 experience. In CSR Racing we introduced a new form of gameplay with the drag race, the purest form of car comparison. We’re staying true to this core gameplay, and we are very excited to tell you about how we have innovated on it in the near future.

In the coming weeks, CSR2 will enter its first of many soft launch phases. We will be listening closely to player feedback as we slowly ramp our testing across geographies and devices. We expect CSR2 to launch globally later this year on mobile devices worldwide.

Stay tuned for more, and thank you to the entire teams at NaturalMotion and Zynga that are working hard to bring our passion for cars to life in CSR2.

– Torsten Reil, CEO, NaturalMotion

McLaren P1_Garage 1

CSR2 Key Art

Ferrari LaFerrari_Garage 1

McLaren P1_Garage 3

Ferrari LaFerrari_Interior