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Zynga Games Update


To our players:

We want to share some news regarding a few of our longest standing games.

Based on the natural evolution of our game storylines and changing consumer preferences, we have made the tough but important decision to close 11 of our older Web and mobile games, some of which have been in market for more than 4 years. The games impacted are Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, Bubble Safari Mobile, Bubble Safari Ocean, CastleVille, ChefVille, Duck Dynasty Slots, Pioneer Trail, Puzzle Charms, Skateboard Slam, Riches of Olympus Slots and Zynga Slots.  All games will be ending by April 30th. Games have begun rolling out closure information via in-game messages and include a thank you to players.

As a team we do not take the decision to close our games lightly but we have made this decision in order to pave the way for our game teams to put their passion, energy and creativity into developing new, world-class games for you. We greatly appreciate your support of these games over the years.

We are proud of the connections and relationships these games have fostered for our players and we are looking forward to sharing the new experiences our teams are creating. With mobile games like FarmVille: Harvest Swap, Empires & Allies and Dawn of Titans all slated to launch later this year, we are excited to usher in a new era of Zynga and NaturalMotion games that we hope you will enjoy.

Thank you again for playing and sharing some of your time with us. We look forward to seeing you in our new Zynga and NaturalMotion games soon.


Zynga Teams


Calling All Android Recruits! Sign Up Now for the Empires & Allies Closed Beta Program!


Empires & Allies AndroidAttention All Android Recruits!

We’re super excited to announce the Android version of Empires & Allies is ready for testing, and we’re looking for a few good men and women to join us in a special closed beta!

While the geo-lock beta of Empires & Allies on iOS has amassed a loyal and vibrant community, we’ve been hard at work developing the Android version of Empires & Allies in our secret research labs. Now we’re unveiling the Android version of the game for the first time and looking for feedback from Android players.

Be the first to sign up and send early feedback directly to the dev team on how Empires & Allies plays on your Android device.

To gain access to the Empires & Allies closed beta program and be among the first to play Empires & Allies on Android, simply fill out the online survey form. Signups for the Android closed beta program are open for all players with an Android device. Access will be granted based on eligibility, and the closed beta will be available for a limited time.

Stay tuned for more as Empires & Allies will launch soon worldwide. For more on Empires & Allies, check out the first look trailer, and follow Empires & Allies on Facebook and Twitter.

The iOS version of Empires & Allies is available for download in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, Philippines, India and Costa Rica.

The Titans Are Coming: A First Look at Dawn of Titans from NaturalMotion


Today marks an exciting day for NaturalMotion. Since joining Zynga in 2014, we have been heads down focused on creating new games in new categories. Today we are proud to share an early look at Dawn of Titans, the first new game in our 2015 pipeline and the first product for NaturalMotion in the mobile Action Strategy category.

Dawn of Titans embodies all the reasons why we love to make games at NaturalMotion. In short, we aim to create experiences that truly ‘wow’ players. We pride ourselves on doing the hard things – the things that do not seem possible. And like many of our games – Clumsy Ninja, CSR RacingDawn of Titans began with us asking what was possible to deliver on a mobile device.

We started with a few questions: is it possible to create believable, epic battles with several thousand units, all fighting in real-time, that you control at your fingertips? Can we use our technology, which has been used by notable theatrical blockbusters and console games over the last decade, to deliver an experience that feels real and reacts to every touch? And would it be possible to deliver this epic experience in an accessible mobile session, one that passes our “Starbucks line test” for accessibility? The answer is, yes. And we are proud to say that it is possible to wage war on a mobile device with thousands of archers, pike men, militia, warriors and Titans in the time it takes a barista to make a macchiato.

In Dawn of Titans, players are immersed in a breathtaking, high fantasy world as they lead Titans into epic battles with thousands of soldiers. Players build their kingdoms to fuel their army, raise Titans and fight battles at epic scale to capture territory. The Dawn of Titans experience is set within a kingdom that looks, feels and sounds real. Our team has designed every element of Dawn of Titans – from the trees, to the waterfalls, to the Titans, to the battles – to push the edge and create an entertainment experience that we believe supersedes anything found today in the Action Strategy category.

Powering Dawn of Titans is NaturalMotion’s mobile technology and toolset that creates unprecedented visuals, animation and depth-of-gameplay. Echo, Dawn of Titans proprietary engine, enables the game to feature thousands of units on-screen to achieve epic battles and run smoothly on mobile devices. In addition to Echo, Titans and troops are brought to life with our Morpheme animation engine, giving in-game Titans and characters dynamic and unique, lifelike movements.

In the coming weeks, Dawn of Titans will enter its first of many geo-lock phases. We will be listening closely to consumer feedback as we slowly ramp our testing across geographies and devices. We expect Dawn of Titans to launch globally later this year on mobile devices worldwide.

As we have said before, the winning aspiration for Zynga and NaturalMotion is to be the at-scale industry leader delivering more hits across more categories than the competition. Given the popularity of the mobile Action Strategy category with consumers, we are excited by the opportunity to redefine what players expect from a mobile Action Strategy game.

Stay tuned for more, and thank you to the entire teams at NaturalMotion and Zynga that are working hard to bring Dawn of Titans to life.

-Torsten Reil, CEO, NaturalMotion

Dawn of Titans Battle Scene

Titans in Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans Plinth

Dawn of Titans Kingdom View

Dawn of Titans Alliances